other projects


Stations of a Commute >>
A series of audio tracks designed to be listened to during an urban commute away from one's loves - whether children, partners or life work. There are 14 stations in all, each preceded by instructions as to where they should be performed.

Invisible Ideas >>
GPS enabled ArtWalk - First Jurors Prize, Manifest 2003 exhibit at The Copley Society of Boston, part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival. Winner of First Jurers' Choice Award.

Five Ideas >>
Online, In the Mail and In Person - a 3 part event with the Nature and Inquiry Artist group. Boston Cyberarts Festival. Also a live event but fundamentally depended on the web to communicate with audience in the week's leading up to performance.

Present Memories >>
Explores the construction of coral, the structures of the brain, and the creation of memories. Parallels in Creativity Symposium,  Harvard Smithsonian Observatory, Cambridge, MA. One of the first web-based artworks. 

Drawing a Line of Thought
Interactive installation; visitors were invited to draw a wave shape directly on the wall by rolling a circle along a track. In Light of Our Reflection/Visions of Art and Science Exhibition, Tufts University Art Galleries, Medford, MA.